As of June 4, 2021


The following procedures may again be resumed


  • The Obligation to attend Sunday and Holyday Mass is reinstated.

  • The Mass schedule will remain as is:  Saturday night,  Sunday,  weekday.

  • Indoor social distancing will not be required

  • No further registration for Mass will be required, and all “reserved” seats are removed. The church will be open for full seating at your discretion.

  • Masks are still required for all unvaccinated people. They are optional for all others. If you feel more comfortable still using a mask, you are encouraged to continue.

  • All church doors will be available for both entrance and exit. Use whatever door you want.

  • Church will still be sanitized after all Masses and functions.

  • Hymnals will return to the pews.

  • Both sides of the church may come forward for Holy Communion at the same time

  • The collection will return to its usual place in the liturgy.

  • We can resume use of the Reconciliation Room for confessions.


Restrictions that will still remain:


  • No holy water at the doors.

  • Communion will be received in the hand only. Chalices are not yet restored.

  • The Sign of Peace ( and Our Father) is still touchless

  • All people are strongly encouraged to continue whatever practices you need to ensure your ability to attend and participate with your minds and hearts at ease. No one will ever be required to do anything that you feel puts your health and safety in jeopardy.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.