Mission Statement

As a people of God, facing the challenge of the 21st century and accepting the mandates of Jesus as revealed to us through the Gospels and or own baptismal vows, we here at Holy Spirit declare our intention to create a community: 

  • that recognizes the centrality of Eucharist in our lives and therefore our need to worship, pray and share faith together in order to reach our "full maturity in Christ." 

  • that values the individual talents and gifts of all and encourages their use so that Christ may become a living presence in our lives. 

  • that is loving, caring and supportive of each other regardless of age, gender, race, creed, cultural, or economic status. 

  • that provides for the faith development and spiritual growth of all our parishioners. 

  • that walks shoulder to shoulder with Jesus Christ as He continues His universal mission on Earth to the poor, the homeless, the oppressed - to those marginalized by society in any way. 

Recognizing our deep need of enlightenment, love, strength and courage to fulfill this mission, we ask to Patron of our parish, the Holy Spirit, to fill us with those gifts and graces we need to become a true People of God.